You see, Jalex is like a unicorn. You can’t see it, But it’s real.

Alex Gaskarth (Live in Manila)
Friday Jun 6 @ 05:43pm

My dick can do like 9 pushups.

Alex Gaskarth
Friday Jun 6 @ 05:41pm

Without a doubt you’re all I dream about. 

Without a doubt you’re all I dream about. 

Friday Jun 6 @ 05:39pm

To fans, it becomes a bit more than just music. The music has to be there and it has to be good and obviously it has to capture the listener but at the same time, I think a lot of the time, doing it the way we did it kind of…it builds a whole lifestyle around the band. And the fans that we have are so die-hard because of that; because they’re a part of something. You meet friends because of the band and get all kinds of experiences because of the band so it goes a little beyond music.

Alex Gaskarth
Friday Jun 6 @ 05:30pm

All Time Low - The Reckless And The Brave (DL link)


go crazy.

Friday Jun 6 @ 04:43pm

Anonymous said: So why havnt you been on tumblr lately? I havnt seen you post something in SOOO long

It’s been really busy and I apologize but i’m slowly trying to build the quotes and stuff up so i’m gonna start posting again.

Friday Jun 6 @ 04:42pm




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Anonymous said: How long have alex and his gf been together? is remembering sunday about her?

I have no idea. I think they’ve been together since high school. And no, Remembering Sunday isn’t about her.

Tuesday Nov 11 @ 02:40am
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Alex’s Speeches Before Therapy


yesterday someone asked andi for a download of this and she didn’t have it. i did, however so here you all go. 

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