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Wednesday Jun 6 @ 10:43am

When my grand kids chat about teleporting i’ll respond with “I don’t know what you’re all talking about but i was in a cool band.”

Jack Barakat
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 09:04am

It’s funny how the littlest things can make you feel larger than life; the right lyric, the most heartfelt melody, the clearest message. Love.

Alexander William Gaskarth
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:55am

I definitely hated Alex when I first met him. I thought he was a douche bag. He had really big eyebrows and I was bummed because he was competing with my big eyebrows.

Jack Barakat
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:49am

We always have fun on stage, whether its Jack humping my face when I try to put more picks on his mic stand or Alex kicking stools over after acoustic songs, stuff like that…

Danny Kurily
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:48am

You couldn’t separate us, we were like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, marshmallow fluff and.. my tongue.

Jack Barakat
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:47am

Getting four guys in the same place at the same time is harder than you’d think. Its like gathering sheep

Matt Flyzik
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:46am

We’ve always been the band where you get on the bus and theres 40 people. Some of which you know, some you don’t but it becomes a party!

Rian Dawson
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:45am

I love all this weight-loss stuff about stop eating this and that with celebrities. I say stop watching how to lose weight and exercise and eat right.

Zachary Steven Merrick
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:43am

So I go to band practice and I see Zack on his skateboard doing kickflips and all that shit and I thought “I don’t care if this kid can play bass, he’s in the band.”

Rian Dawson
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:42am

I’ve seen home alone 2-3 thousand times. I’m not even lying

Jack Bassam Barakat
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:41am

I looked at this kid Jack and I thought “Oh My God what am I doing dropping my son off here?”

Carla Merrick (Zack’s Mom)
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:40am

Alex and Jack come running out of the house, screaming and yelling, bouncing all over the place and I’m in the car with Rian and I thought.. “Who are these people?”

Dennis Lahey (Rian’s Stepdad)
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:37am

I’ve always gotten compliments about, you know how nice he is, how decent he is. He’s a good, good kid.

Joyce Barakat (Jack’s Mommy)
Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:36am Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:23am