My dick can do like 9 pushups.

Alex Gaskarth
Friday Jun 6 @ 05:41pm

To fans, it becomes a bit more than just music. The music has to be there and it has to be good and obviously it has to capture the listener but at the same time, I think a lot of the time, doing it the way we did it kind of…it builds a whole lifestyle around the band. And the fans that we have are so die-hard because of that; because they’re a part of something. You meet friends because of the band and get all kinds of experiences because of the band so it goes a little beyond music.

Alex Gaskarth
Friday Jun 6 @ 05:30pm
Sunday Oct 10 @ 03:32pm
Sunday Oct 10 @ 03:32pm

Man Fight


After Jack pushes over his mic stand because Alex wasn’t letting him talk

Alex: What did you want to talk about Jack?

Jack: Fuck you, Alex. I’m done, dude. This is… This is every nigh-

Danny comes out on stage to pick up bras that had fallen off Jack’s mic stand

Alex: Haha, you spilled your bras, man.

Jack lifts his arms up in surrender, walking away from his mic.

Alex: Go ahead, speak.

Jack shakes his head, walking to Rian’s kit

Alex: No. I want to talk to you about whatever you want to talk about.

Jack refuses once more.

Alex: They want to know!

Jack reaches out for Alex’s mic. Once he gets it, Rian starts hitting his snare drum. Jack waits patiently. 

Alex walks over to Jack’s mic.

Jack: Alex, fuck you.

Alex: Is this what if feels like to be Jack Barakat?

Alex starts imitating Jack dancing.

Jack: “Hey, I’m Alex Gaskarth, I’ve got the microphone and I’m the man!”

Jack impersonates Alex.

Alex: “Hey, I’m Jack Barakat, I make the dick jokes in the band! Check me out, guys! Look at all the bras on my mic stand.”

Jack: That’s a good thing, right? Haha.

Alex: No.

Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:35am


Time Bomb (Simlish) | All Time Low

oh my god, remember when?

Saturday Oct 10 @ 06:54am
Sunday Sep 9 @ 02:45pm

Weightless (Studio Version Video) | All Time Low

Friday Sep 9 @ 08:20am
Sunday Sep 9 @ 02:14pm

Chicago Is So Two Years Ago (Cover)|Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 02:30pm